Let’s talk about holism for a minute. Lately, I feel like the nutrition world has gotten into the habit of looking at food as specific nutrients instead of a source of energy and fuel for your body. They look at avocados and say “fat,” people see potatoes and think “oh god carbs!” I want to break this down into why you need to see holistically if you are consuming a plant rich diet. Plant’s were not meant to be single sources of nutrients (macro or micro). They are meant to carry many different nutrients in many different amounts! That is why they are all so different in texture, taste, and appearance.

Society has become obsessed with separating each nutrient to make sure you’re getting a “balanced” diet of protein, fat, and carbs. When in reality that is what plants were made for! Most plants have a tiny bit of each macro nutrient thus, eating a variety of plants will allow you to get all of the nutrients that you need daily. Depending on each daily combination, some days you will have higher fat days, or high carb days, or even high protein days. Every day does not need to cary the same exact nutrients and calories because not every plant does and your body is prepared for variety.

I encourage you to look at food with a more wholistic approach instead of categorizing each food by its task. This will create peace of mind, a better relationship with food, and an appreciation for what these foods do for our body, instead of a transaction of value.

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