1. Staying Active

At home workouts, walks around the neighborhood, yoga, backyard circuit exercises (I personally recommend @madfit.ig) especially getting outside if you can safely!

2. Drink plenty of water

You most likely have immediate access to a bathroom right now so drink all the water!!

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Fresh or frozen, the fiber and antioxidants are so vital right now for gut health and your immune system.

4. Eat intuitively!

I know it is very difficult when you have constant access to the kitchen, but try to eat meals regularly/ as you would if you were working. It is very easy to fall into poor eating habits right now but focus on hunger queues and eat anything fresh first then food from the cabinet.

5. Get enough sleep

But don’t overdo it! Studies show that the more time you spend in your bed when you are not sleeping the lower the quality of sleep you will get when you actually try to go to bed!

6. Take care of your body

Ladies, use this time to give your skin a break from make up and maybe do a little extra skin care to keep yourself moisturized and radiant. Same goes for your hair, give your hair a vacation from hot tools and maybe try a hair mask!

7. Declutter

Now is the time! Clean up your space to clear your mind- junk drawers, boxes, closets, etc. Check out @mariekondo for some minimalism tips.

8. Keep your mind stimulated

Read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch a TedTalk, and don’t worry Netflix won’t go anywhere

9. Social Stimulation

In a time of social distance I think our phones can actually help us, call a relative, FaceTime a friend, play boardgames with family. Don’t suffer in silence and keep your relationships strong from afar!

10. Financial Stability

Keep track of your finances by cancelling unnecessary payments or subscriptions and budget your money through this difficult time. Try to stay ahead if possible of where your money is going to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Keep in mind that all of these tips are easier said than done. Start small by trying to add one new habit per week and seeing which ones stick and which ones you may need to work on a bit more.

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