Find yourself snacking a bit extra during quarantine? Don’t worry, that is totally normal as you are most likely spending more time in your house than usual and these are quite extenuating times to begin with.

Here are a few tips to help you keep that snacking on the healthier side in this time of disarray!

  1. Don’t bring unhealthy snacks into the household. If they aren’t in the house how can you eat them?

  2. Serve yourself a serving of whatever snack you have then take it into a different room and put away the bag or box.

  3. Try to eat something whole first, like fruits or nuts, because if you really don’t want a something whole then you may be just “snacky”

  4. Drink a large glass of water 💧before you snack. Sometimes you are really just thirsty!

  5. Lastly, eat filling meals (with protein & fiber) and try to follow your hunger cues to see if you are bored or if you are actually hungry!

  6. And when in doubt if you are hungry, have a snack! It is not always a bad thing and sometimes we do need an energy boost. Just be aware of what you are snacking on!

Try to stay away from highly processed and packaged foods that might not make your stomach feel so hot and start with fiber rich fruits & veggies dunked in nut butters and hummus!

Check out my Healthy Snack Ideas article here.

Remember, it is always good to eat intuitively- just within reason!


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