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The Appetizer

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A crispy piece of sourdough, with a roasted garlic cashew aioli, topped with marinated beets & heirloom tomatoes and garnished with fresh basil.

The Main

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Homemade pasta, made pink by reserving some of the liquid from cooking the beets in the bruschetta recipe above. A delicious tofu ricotta filling, and bright lemony dressing to let the flavors shine through. The perfect dish to make with or for your loved one.

The Dessert

What is Valentine's Day?

The history behind this Americanized holiday is slightly confusing. In the past the Catholic Church actually recognized three different saints name “Valentine” or “Valentinus” all who were martyred. There are a few different legends.


One states that Valentine was a priest who went behind the Emperor’s back and was marrying people against the law as the emperor thought that single men made better soldiers. Another suggests that Valentine was killed for trying to help the Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. A different legend suggests that Valentine sent the first “valentine” greeting card to a young girl he fell in love with and signed his final letter to her “-from your valentine.”  

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Over time this holiday has turned into hearts, cupid, chocolate, and all things red. Take this day to celebrate loved ones and yourself with good food and being grateful!

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One of my all-time favorite desserts I have ever made! Light and fresh "cheese"cake with a sweet and salty graham cracker crust and a subtly sweet berry layer on the bottom. 

The Brunch

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The perfect surprise breakfast in bed dish to treat your loved one! Made with fluffy cubes of sourdough and a crispy oat topping, with sweet raspberries and toasted almonds. Just a drizzle of maple syrup and you are in heaven.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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