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If you haven’t seen my Instagram lately I have been in a bit of a lettuce wrap mood, so I figured I would share some of my favorite recipes! They make the perfect easy lunch recipe or can be loaded up for a filling dinner as well!

This recipe will make you feel like you and your guests are in a restaurant and is unbelievable simple to make!



2 cups pre-cooked hearty grain (I like pearled brown rice, barley, or faro)

Juice of 1 lemon or 1 ½ limes

1/3 cup toasted nuts (I use whatever I have on hand, this time was a mix of chopped almonds, sunflower seeds, and pecans)

¼ cup cranraisins (or sub for something sweet like apples or pear chunks or berries)

¼ cup chopped parsely (I use the stems too)

2 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

S&P to taste


Toast nuts until aromatic and lightly golden

Combine with all other ingredients in a large bowl and stir till combined

Fill up those lettuce wraps!

Note: I think this is very filling on its own from the rice and nuts, but if you wanted to make it higher in protein or calories, I think it would be great with grilled tofu strips on top or chickpeas in the salad. I also like it cold during the summer as it has a fresher taste, but this can also be enjoyed warm if you just made the rice!

This is a warm and filling recipe that is so versatile and you will love as leftovers!



1 medium onion sliced

1 bell pepper sliced

3 cloves of garlic minced

1 cup chopped mushrooms (optional)

2 cups chickpeas (if dry they must be soaked/ cooked first)

1 jar of organic tomato sauce (we used homemade leftover sauce

Parsley to taste

S&P to taste


Saute onions and pepper until soft

Add in garlic and chickpeas

Add in sauce and parsley

Cook down for about 25 minutes on medium low heat

Let cool slightly before filling lettuce wraps

Top with unsweetened plant yogurt or cashew cream!

Note: I like to make this in a Dutch oven style pot as it does make quite a large amount. I often eat the leftovers over brown rice or polenta for breakfast!


This is definitely the easiest one as you barely need to do anything but is still delicious!


Veggie burger

2 tbsp hummus of choice

¼ cup brown rice

Handful of chopped green onion


Cook veggie burger (I think the grill is best for this for that char and flavor!)

Layer hummus and brown rice on lettuce wrap, top with broken up veggie burger, mayo, and onion.

Hope you enjoy these easy recipes and DM me on instagram with your creations so I can repost them!



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