Bringing your own food to work or school can help you save money, eat more nutritious, and know exactly what you are putting into your bodies. I have always been one to bring my own lunch to work, especially since quality plant-based options are not readily available.

Now I know this is an article about lunches but when I go to work super early I am not always ready to eat breakfast before I leave. Depending on what I am doing at work that morning I have a few favorite on the go recipes I like to pack.

Packable Breakfast Ideas:

Overnight Oats: Recipe Here

This fiber packed breakfast will keep you full all day and give you the perfect amount of energy. I like to add some nut butter, fresh fruit, and chia or flax seeds for my omega-3s.

Chia Pudding: Recipe Here

This is another fiber packed breakfast option that is a great way to get in protein and healthy fats. I love making mine with different flavors like chocolate or vanilla and again add fresh fruit and nut butter to make it more satiating,

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burritos: Recipe Here

I would usually bring this breakfast when I was sitting at a desk first thing in the morning when I was an Intern at United HealthCare. I meal prepped my tofu scramble recipe, would wrap it up in a corn tortilla with some black beans & salsa, wrap them in foil or add to a Tupperware and freeze. I would unwrap them then throw them in the microwave at work for 2 minutes and they were just as tasty as when i made them the first time!


Lunch Ideas:

The breakdown: Try to use at least one item from each category

(P) Protein Source: Beans, Tofu, Tempeh, Nuts, Seeds, Nut Butters, Quinoa, Edamame, Hummus

(CC) Complex Carbohydrate: Starchy Vegetables & Whole Grains

(G) Greens: Kale, Spinach, Arugula, Chard, Lettuce

(V) Veggies: Carrots, Peppers, Broccoli, Brussels, Squash, etc.

(Fr) Fruit: Apples, Oranges, Berries, Banana, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Tomato, etc.

(Fa) Fat: Avocado, Nuts, Seeds


Chickpea Salad Sandwich: Recipe Here

Whole Wheat Bread (CC), Chickpeas (P), Apple (Fr), Avocado (Fa)

Sides: Carrots (V) & Hummus (P)

TLT Sandwich: Recipe Here

Whole Grain Bread (CC) with Tempeh "bacon" (P), Lettuce (G), Tomato(Fr), Avocado (Fa)

Sides: Berries (Fr), sliced carrots (V), hummus (P)

Pesto Pasta Salad: Recipe Here

Chickpea (P) or Whole Grain (CC) Pasta, Protein Pesto (G,P, Fa), Peas (P), Corn (V), Kale (G), Tomatoes (Fr).

Sides: Apple (Fr) & Peanut Butter (P) or Bell Peppers (V) and Guacamole (Fa)

Kale or Brussel Caesar: Recipe Here

Brussel Sprouts (V, G), Avocado (Fa), Hemp Seeds (P, Fa), Tofu (P), Croutons (CC), *Add chickpeas for more Protein

Sides: Fruit & Nuts

Click here for more of my favorite recipes!


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